Hino Motors Limited is a company that has a long and deep rooted history in diesel engined trucks and busses that dates back to 1910 when the company was first established as the Tokyo Gas Industry Co. Ltd. in Japan. The name ‘Hino’ is derived from the name of the city which gave birth to the production plant and factory, Hino city in Japan.

Since then they have grown and developed a range of global products for all types of different transport applications. It is therefore no surprise that Hino trucks continue to enjoy the biggest share of the domestic truck market in Japan and have done so for many decades already as they have become well known for their QDR (Quality, Durability & Reliability) attributes.

Hino continues to grow their global footprint and have a number of production facilities in many different countries such as Thailand, Australia, China, Pakistan, America and South Africa.
HINO – the global brand for all customers!


Hino Motors Limited (HML) appointed TTAF (Toyota Tsusho Africa Pty Ltd) as the official Distributor of Hino products for Angola, Mozambique, Malawi, Zambia and Zimbabwe since 2007. Using the official Toyota Distributor footprint in these countries, TTAF appointed these as Hino Sub-Distributors using their infrastructure, skill and experience in those markets to market and support Hino products.


Our product range comprises the:

Certain models in this range have been specifically selected to ensure that they meet the harsh operating conditions in Africa. The big advantage of such ‘appropriate technology’ based products create a longer operating life cycle and up-time to truck owners, a critical need in any business.

With ‘Total Support’ being the main driving force to Hino customer satisfaction, TTAF play the role of providing on-going support and skill development to our territories. The Hino team at TTAF represent and accumulation of many years of truck focused industry experience to provide transport solutions and aftersales support to our customers.

All our Hino trucks are sourced directly from Hino Japan then shipped to Durban, where they are converted according to pre-arranged customer specific applications. They are then exported to their final destination where they are prepared for delivery and handed over to the purchasing customer.


Hino business at TTAF is based in Sandton (Gauteng, SA) and found within the Automotive Division under the Commercial & Industrial business unit which strives to deliver quality support to Hino, Kobelco & Toyota Forklift clients.

TTAF currently supply and provide support on HINO products that are represented and distributed in the following territories through our appointed National Distributor network as follows:

    • Angola – Toyota de Angola
    • Malawi – Toyota Malawi
    • Mozambique – Toyota de Mozambique
    • Zambia – Toyota Zambia
    • Zimbabwe – Toyota Zimbabwe
  • Mauritius – Goodway Ltd.

Should you have any Hino queries you are welcome to contact:
TTAF Hino team:
Tel: 011 779 6700
Email: hino@ttaf.co.za

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