Fireplace Chimney Safety – The Top 3 Mistakes Homeowners Make?

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    Chimney Sweeping businesses are generally a mostly unregulated industry. Most states will not have requirements for licensing, insurance or training. Because chimney sweeping requires such a small investment to start a company virtually anyone can open one and tell you he is a specialist. Because of this the homeowner needs to be extra vigilant in choosing a contractor.

    The first rule of thumb is when there is certainly any doubt about the operating condition of the fireplace, hearth and chimney, the home owner should make contact with a licensed chimney inspection company. Failure to have a chimney and flue inspected can likely lead to serious property damage and cause major injury or death to the occupants from the house.

    In my experience the most popular round shaped option is typically all that you really want. In addition to this you might or may not need insulation on your new installation. It is always smart to have insulation for your liner. I personally use a product or service called Thermix. Other chimney sweeps make use of this and a variety of other products. All products have another thing in accordance. They insulate a new liner. Increase the draft for your chimney flue. And protect your expensive new flue.

    Personally After this experience I started exploring the internet trying to find as much condo associations as I can find I am going to contact all of them. You would be surprised just how many there are within my State. These are really a chimney sweeps dream job. It does not improve after you have everything set up to the furnace flues inside basement you can just go from chimney stack to chimney cleaning companies stack on top and sweep it down. 8 approximately chimneys per roof.

    Do I need to have my chimney cleaned if I heat with gas?
    Yes. Gas can be a clean burning fuel and won’t leave ash and soot, however your chimney might become non-functional from bird nets and also other debris. Another problem is modern furnaces can cause issues, as most flues are meant to vent older furnaces.

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