Corporate Social Responsibility

Sicabazini Project
Sicabazini Project


Our HIV and AIDS campaign involves a broad communication strategy, which includes disease management, education, awareness and promotional programs, voluntary counseling and testing for our staff members.


We funded a project to assist impoverished schools in Limpopo. The focus of the project was to enhance learning facilities available to the students. Furthermore, computers with various e-learning tools and printers were donated for additional learning opportunities.

Community Development

We are funding the Sicabazini Community Centre and aiding in creating a vibrant hub of information and community service facilities. The Centre provides a venue for local entrepreneurs to find support in Financial Service Management, and access to markets. It also serves as a venue for a variety of government services; and includes a computer centre, which provides local teachers, local scholars and unemployed youth, with an opportunity to acquire IT skills and access to information.

We are funding an agricultural project in the area. We obtained land, prepared the land and started the cultivation of paprika as well as a variety of other vegetables. The farmland were fenced in order to protect crops. Various other structures were put in place, to protect farming and other equipment. A nursery was established to germinate seeds for transferring to the farmland.

Our aim is to assist this project until the farm becomes self-sustainable.

Environmental Partnerships

We recognises that in order to ensure sustainable and effective environmental development that sound partnerships with external organisations must be in place within our community.

We have business partners that collect our waste, generated in the form of steel pallets and cartons from the Production Support Centre warehouse, which are then broken down and transported to buy-back centres for resale, at a very low cost to local communities and small-scale entrepreneurs.

All our environmentally driven initiatives receive the support and assistance of all staff and management.


We recognises the importance of the environment and as part of our group commitment, have we been ISO14001 certified since December 2004.

We ensure that all activities, products, services and their impact on the environment is documented in an Environment Management System and communicated throughout the organisation.

The ISO14001 program involves not only measuring the results of our physical activities on the environment but more importantly creates awareness amongst all staff ensuring a culture that has the environment as its core.

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