Wheel & Tyre

Our Wheel & Tyre assembly plant is the first of its kind in Africa. State of the art equipment and technology was implemented with assistance from Central Motor and Wheel Corporation of Japan (CMW), to give us the ability to assemble wheels and tyres for Toyota South Africa Manufacturing.

Our skilled staff and state of the art plant facility provide the following service to Toyota South Africa Manufacturing:

  • Procurement of required tyres and rims
  • In sequence building according to call off’s received
  • Quality assurance through specific, enhanced quality processes including:
  • Radial force variation
  • Lateral and radial run-out
  • Balancing and audit balancing.

The above mentioned quality assurance processes are in place to:

  • Control and analyses of tyre quality
  • Control and analyses of rim quality
  • Control and analyses of assembly quality
  • Delivered in sequence, per requirement
  • Parts are delivered Just in Time (J.I.T)

Wheel and Tyre