Machinery offers local and global procurement of both automotive and non-automotive machinery, equipment, spares, consumables and engineering business solutions.


Agency Distributor Business:
  • Supply, Install, Training and Support
Consumables & Spare Parts:
  • Warehousing, Stock and Supply Management
Engineering and Installations:
  • Logistics Management, Turnkey Project Management, Installation commissioning, Training, Maintenance & Support, Safety Management
Robotic Automation


Agencies Represented
  • CKD Pneumatics
  • Jtekt PLC Equipment
  • Kawasaki Robots
  • Shibaura Injection Machines
Factory Equipment & Products
  • CO2 reduction, maintenance, safety, production and quality improvement equipment and products

Global Procurement Network

North America, Asia, Europe, Africa


products supplied

Agency Business

Shibaura Machine, Kawasaki Robots, CKD Pneumatics, JTEKT PLC Equipment